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World Rugby Sevens Series 2023

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Sevens Series


The World Rugby Sevens Series is an annual series of international rugby sevens tournaments run by World Rugby featuring national teams. The 2023 series has been a thrilling display of athleticism, strategy, and international competition, drawing attention from fans around the globe. In this blog, we’ll dive into the details of the 2023 series, including its structure, key moments, standout teams, and players, as well as the impact of the series on the sport of rugby sevens.

Structure and Format of the Sevens Series

Sevens Series

The World Rugby Sevens Series 2023 followed a format similar to previous years, consisting of ten tournaments held in various cities around the world. Each tournament featured 16 national teams, which competed over two days in a series of matches. The teams were divided into four pools of four teams each, and they played round-robin matches within their pools. The top two teams from each pool advanced to the knockout stage, culminating in the Cup final to determine the tournament winner. Points were awarded based on their performance in each tournament, contributing to their overall ranking in the series.

Tournament Locations and Dates

The 2023 series kicked off in Dubai in December 2022 and concluded in London in May 2023. The ten host cities for the 2023 sevens series were: These tournaments provided a diverse array of settings, showcasing the global appeal and reach of rugby sevens.

Key Moments and Highlights

Dubai: The Opening Act

The Dubai Sevens set the tone for the series with thrilling matches and unexpected outcomes. South Africa, the defending champions, showcased their dominance early on, defeating strong contenders such as Fiji and New Zealand. The Blitzboks’ disciplined play and tactical acumen earned them the first victory of the series.

Cape Town: Home Glory for South Africa

In Cape Town, South Africa continued their winning streak, much to the delight of their home crowd. The atmosphere in the stadium was electric, and the Blitzboks did not disappoint. Their triumph in Cape Town solidified their position as early favorites for the 2023 title.

Hamilton and Sydney: Shifts in Momentum

The tournaments in Hamilton and Sydney saw a shift in momentum. New Zealand, buoyed by their home support in Hamilton, put on a stellar performance to claim the title. Sydney was no different, with Australia capitalizing on familiar territory to take the top spot. These victories demonstrated the unpredictable nature of the sevens series and the high level of competition.

Los Angeles and Vancouver: North American Showcase

The North American leg of the sevens series was marked by intense matches and a showcase of emerging talent. Los Angeles saw Fiji reclaim their status as sevens giants, while Vancouver highlighted the potential of the Canadian team, who made it to the semifinals, much to the delight of their home fans.

Hong Kong: A Historic Tournament

The Hong Kong Sevens is often considered the crown jewel of the sevens series, and 2023 was no exception. The tournament featured historic moments, including a remarkable comeback by Argentina to reach the finals. The atmosphere in Hong Kong was electric, with fans from all over the world creating a vibrant and festive environment.

Singapore: Fiji’s Resurgence

Fiji continued their impressive run in Singapore, showcasing their unique style of play characterized by flair, speed, and creativity. Their victory in Singapore reasserted their claim as one of the premier teams in the series.

Toulouse and London: The Climactic

The final two tournaments in Toulouse and London were crucial in determining the overall sevens series champion. South Africa, New Zealand, and Fiji were all in contention, making for an exhilarating finish. Toulouse saw New Zealand emerge victorious, setting the stage for a dramatic showdown in London. In the end, South Africa’s consistency throughout the series paid off as they clinched the overall title in a nail-biting finish.

Standout Teams and Players

South Africa: Consistency and Discipline

South Africa’s success in the 2023 series was built on a foundation of consistency and discipline. Key players such as Selvyn Davids and JC Pretorius were instrumental in their triumphs, providing leadership and skill when it mattered most. The Blitzboks’ ability to adapt their game plan to different opponents and conditions was a significant factor in their overall victory.

New Zealand: Resilience and Tenacity

New Zealand’s journey in the 2023 sevens series was marked by resilience and tenacity. Despite facing setbacks early in the series, the All Blacks Sevens bounced back with strong performances in Hamilton, Sydney, and Toulouse. Players like Scott Curry and Sione Molia were pivotal in their resurgence, showcasing the depth and talent of the squad.

Fiji: Flair and Creativity

Fiji’s rugby sevens team is renowned for their flair and creativity, and the 2023 sevens series was no exception. Stars like Waisea Nacuqu and Napolioni Bolaca dazzled fans with their extraordinary skills and athleticism. Fiji’s ability to play an unpredictable and fast-paced game made them a formidable opponent throughout the series.

Emerging Teams: Argentina and Canada

The 2023 sevens series also saw the emergence of teams like Argentina and Canada. Argentina’s remarkable run in Hong Kong, led by players such as Santiago Alvarez and Marcos Moneta, highlighted their potential to compete with the traditional powerhouses. Canada’s performance in Vancouver, with standout players like Phil Berna and Cooper Coats, showcased their growing strength in the sport.

Sevens Series

Impact on the Sport

Growing Global Popularity

The 2023 World Rugby Sevens Series played a significant role in increasing the global popularity of rugby sevens. The fast-paced and exciting nature of the game, combined with its shorter match duration, makes it an appealing spectacle for new fans. The series’ diverse range of host cities helped introduce the sport to new audiences and solidify its presence in existing markets.

Development of Talent

The series serves as a crucial platform for the development of rugby talent. Many players who excel in the sevens series go on to represent their countries in the traditional 15-a-side format. The 2023 series was no different, with numerous players making a name for themselves and earning opportunities to compete at higher levels.

Women’s Rugby Sevens

The women’s World Rugby Sevens Series ran concurrently with the men’s series, featuring many of the same host cities and dates. The 2023 women’s series saw outstanding performances from teams like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. The continued growth and success of the women’s series highlight the increasing interest and investment in women’s rugby, promoting gender equality in the sport.

Olympic Qualification

The World Rugby Sevens Series also plays a crucial role in Olympic qualification. The 2023 series was particularly important as teams aimed to secure their spots for the 2024 Paris Olympics. The series standings and performances impacted the qualification process, adding an extra layer of intensity and competition to the tournaments.

Sevens Series


The World Rugby Sevens Series 2023 was a thrilling and dynamic showcase of rugby sevens at its finest. From the opening tournament in Dubai to the climactic finale in London, the series provided countless memorable moments, highlighted the talents of standout teams and players, and contributed to the global growth of the sport. As the sport continues to evolve, the impact of the 2023 series will be felt for years to come, inspiring a new generation of players and fans to embrace the excitement and passion of rugby sevens.

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