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How To Survive Video Game

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Survival games have surged in popularity in recent years, captivating players with their immersive worlds, challenging gameplay, and the thrill of overcoming adversity. One such game that has earned a dedicated following is “How To Survive,” a survival action-adventure game developed by Eko Software. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of “How To Survive,” offering tips, strategies, and insights to help you navigate its perilous world and emerge victorious against the odds.


The World of “How To Survive”

Set on a remote archipelago in the aftermath of a mysterious virus outbreak, “How To Survive” plunges players into a desperate struggle for survival against hordes of undead monsters and other deadly threats. As one of the few survivors left alive, players must scavenge for resources, craft weapons and tools, and fend off relentless attacks from the infected and other hostile creatures.

The world of “How To Survive” is vast and unforgiving, with diverse environments ranging from dense forests and swamps to abandoned towns and military bases. Each location presents its own set of challenges and opportunities, requiring players to adapt their strategies and tactics accordingly.

Essential Survival Skills

Survival in “How To Survive” requires more than just brute strength and firepower; it demands a keen understanding of the game’s mechanics and a mastery of essential survival skills. Here are some key skills to focus on:

Scavenging: Resource management is crucial in “How To Survive.” Scour the environment for useful items such as food, water, weapons, and crafting materials. Be thorough in your search and prioritize essential supplies to ensure your survival.

Crafting: Crafting is a fundamental aspect of survival in “How To Survive.” Learn to craft weapons, tools, and other useful items using the materials you’ve scavenged. Experiment with different recipes and upgrade your crafting skills to unlock more advanced items.

Combat: Combat in “How To Survive” is fast-paced and intense. Master the art of melee and ranged combat, utilizing a variety of weapons and tactics to defeat your enemies. Aim for headshots to maximize damage and conserve ammunition.

Survival Instincts: Trust your instincts and stay alert at all times. Pay attention to your surroundings, listen for audio cues, and use your flashlight to illuminate dark areas. Stay on the move and be prepared to react quickly to unexpected threats.

Crafting and Upgrading

Crafting plays a central role in “How To Survive,” allowing players to create a wide range of weapons, tools, and equipment to aid in their survival. Here are some crafting tips to help you get started:

Prioritize Essentials: Focus on crafting essential items such as weapons, tools, and first aid kits before branching out into more advanced gear. Prioritize items that will help you survive in the short term, such as a sturdy melee weapon or a reliable source of clean water.

Experiment with Recipes: Experiment with different crafting recipes to discover new items and unlock additional crafting options. Mix and match materials to create unique combinations and maximize the effectiveness of your gear.

Upgrade Your Workshop: Invest in upgrading your workshop to unlock new crafting recipes and improve your crafting efficiency. Upgrade your tools, workbenches, and other crafting stations to reduce crafting times and resource costs.

Repair and Maintain: Keep your weapons and equipment in good condition by regularly repairing and maintaining them. Use repair kits and spare parts to fix damaged gear and ensure it remains functional in the heat of battle.

Exploration and Navigation

Exploration is a key aspect of survival in “How To Survive,” as players must venture out into the wilderness to scavenge for resources, complete quests, and uncover the secrets of the island. Here are some tips for effective exploration:

Plan Your Route: Plan your route carefully before setting out on an expedition. Study the map, identify points of interest, and plot a course that minimizes backtracking and maximizes efficiency.

Use Landmarks: Use landmarks and environmental cues to navigate the island and avoid getting lost. Look for distinctive features such as rock formations, buildings, and landmarks to orient yourself and stay on course.

Explore Thoroughly: Take the time to explore each area thoroughly, searching for hidden treasures, loot caches, and other valuable resources. Be thorough in your search and leave no stone unturned.

Watch Your Back: Stay vigilant and be prepared for danger at all times. Keep an eye out for hostile creatures and other players, and be ready to defend yourself if you encounter trouble.


Surviving the Night

Nighttime poses an increased threat in “How To Survive,” as darkness provides cover for the infected and other dangerous creatures. Here are some tips for surviving the night:

Find Shelter: Seek shelter in a safe location before nightfall to avoid being caught out in the open. Look for fortified buildings, caves, or other secure locations where you can hunker down and wait out the night.

Set Up Defenses: Fortify your shelter and set up defenses to fend off attacks from the infected. Barricade doors and windows, set traps, and establish a defensive perimeter to keep yourself safe.

Stay Hidden: Keep a low profile and avoid drawing attention to yourself during the night. Use stealth and cunning to evade detection and sneak past enemies without engaging in combat.

Use Light Sources: Light sources such as torches, lanterns, and campfires can help illuminate your surroundings and keep the infected at bay. Use them strategically to create safe zones and deter hostile creatures from approaching.

Forming Alliances

Forming alliances with other survivors can greatly increase your chances of survival in “How To Survive.” Here are some tips for forming and maintaining alliances:

Build Trust: Establish trust and rapport with other survivors by offering assistance, sharing resources, and working together towards common goals. Be reliable, honest, and respectful in your interactions to earn the trust of your allies.

Communicate Effectively: Effective communication is key to successful alliances. Use voice chat, text chat, or in-game emotes to communicate with other players and coordinate your actions. Clearly communicate your intentions, objectives, and strategies to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Pool Resources: Pooling resources and working together to achieve common objectives can greatly enhance your survivability. Share food, water, ammunition, and other essential supplies with your allies, and work together to gather resources, craft items, and fortify your base.

Watch Each Other’s Backs: In a world teeming with danger, it’s essential to watch each other’s backs and provide mutual support and protection. Stand by your allies in times of need, come to their aid in battle, and be prepared to defend them against threats.

Advanced Survival Techniques

In “How To Survive,” mastering advanced survival techniques can mean the difference between life and death. Here are some advanced strategies to help you survive the toughest challenges:

Hunting and Gathering: As resources become scarce, mastering the art of hunting and gathering becomes essential. Learn to track wildlife, set traps, and harvest edible plants to supplement your food supply. Experiment with different hunting techniques and adapt to the behavior of your prey to maximize your success.

Farming and Agriculture: For a sustainable source of food, consider setting up a farm or garden to grow crops and raise livestock. Invest in seeds, tools, and irrigation systems to cultivate fertile soil and maximize your harvest. Experiment with different crops and livestock breeds to find the most efficient and productive farming methods.

Water Collection and Purification: Access to clean water is critical for survival, especially in a world ravaged by disease and contamination. Learn to collect rainwater, purify water from natural sources, and build filtration systems to ensure you always have a safe and reliable source of hydration.

Base Building and Fortification: As the threat of the infected and other hostile creatures increases, fortifying your base becomes essential for survival. Invest in building materials, defensive structures, and security systems to fortify your shelter and protect yourself from attacks. Experiment with different base designs and defensive strategies to create an impenetrable fortress.

Navigation and Cartography: To explore the island effectively, mastering navigation and cartography is essential. Learn to read maps, navigate using landmarks and celestial bodies, and create your own maps and navigational charts to chart the terrain and plan your routes. Invest in navigation tools such as compasses and GPS devices to aid in your exploration.



Offers a rich and immersive survival experience that challenges players to overcome the dangers of a hostile island environment and emerge victorious against the odds. By mastering essential survival skills, exploring the island, completing quests and challenges, and forming alliances with other survivors, you can increase your chances of survival and thrive in this unforgiving world. So, whether you’re braving the dangers of the island solo or teaming up with other survivors in multiplayer mode, remember to stay vigilant, stay resourceful, and above all, stay alive.   

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